May 24 completed a 68th Cannes Film Festival . " Golden Palm " went to the French film - Jacques Audiard social drama " dip ." Grand Prix - Hungarian " Son of Saul ." Once again, the jury's decision has caused discontent loud critics.
This year, the participants of the main competition was judged the Coen brothers (the chairmen of the jury), Guillermo del Toro, Jake Gyllenhaal, Xavier Dolan, Sienna Miller, Sophie Marceau, Spanish actress Rossy de Palma and Malian singer Rokia Traore. As you can see, four of the eight members (counting the brothers as one unit) represented by Hollywood. In the competition there were five American films of seventeen: lesbian drama "Carol" suicidal drama "The Sea of ​​Trees", a new film version of Shakespeare's tragedy "Macbeth," crime thriller "mercenary" and the drama "Chronicles."
Apparently, the jury decision was not easy, and each to his opinion (although it seems the judicial unanimity in Cannes was never ) . At the final press conference the team led by brothers went with lean persons , Ethan Cohen interrupted Guillermo del Toro , the journalists met almost every winner boorish Bukanov . Later on the red carpet were even brothers apart. Critics were quick to caustically noted that the parade passing in France, could not resist the temptation to give the main prize of the French film .
Most disturbances spilled by the Russian press who labeled tape Audiard "ordinary", "sketchy", "unconvincing" (famous Russian film critics have noted that against the backdrop of boring French paintings presented in the competition, was notable for the ingenuity of modern Italian cinema, but the jury left three Italian works without a prize). Someone said that "the Palm branch" has got a good director, but obviously not for his best film. And only a few in their diaries Cannes wrote that shown closer to the finale of the competition program "Deepa" left the competition far behind.
"Deepa" - the story of "Tamil Tiger" (a member of the rebel movement fighting for the independence of the Tamil state in Sri Lanka), which runs in France, together with a strange woman, and nine years old. Trinity dwells in the suburbs of Paris and depicts a family to obtain citizenship. At some point, strangers become truly native to each other, but life in the seemingly prosperous country is not so serene ... "Deepa", which tells about the greatness of the little man, largely rhymes with "prophet" of the same Audiard .
Receiving the "Palme d'Or", Jacques Audiard jokingly said: "Thanks to Michael Haneke's what he did this year did not take off!" The fact that three Audiard previously claimed the "branch", "no one knows the hero of" limited statuette for script, "The Prophet" won the Grand Prix, "Rust and Bone" with critical acclaim and did go unrewarded. In the latter two cases, films Audiard lost Austrian Haneke works: in the year when was "The Prophet" won the "White Ribbon"; as well as for the "branch" struggled "Rust and Bone", Cannes obeyed trembling "Love." So there is definitely sharpened Audiard, Haneke in the tooth.
Each year the magazine publishes its table ScreenDaily ratings Cannes participants in accordance with the points that put film reviewers authoritative publications . This year's scores were lower than ever. Record shameful score ( 0.6 out of 5) went to " Sea of Trees" Gus Van Sant , banal sentimentality which did not save even convincing crying Matthew McConaughey . Highest ratings ( 3.5 points each) were awarded the aforementioned American " Carol " and the Taiwan "Killer ."
Although neither one nor the other did not get the tape , none of the main statues, the list of prize-winners are entered . Rooney Mara , who played in the " Carol " , shared the award for best actress Emmanuelle Berco of a French melodrama "My King" (although the favorite in this category was Cate Blanchett , the second half of the lesbian duo of " Carol ") . A historical thriller with a share of romance "Killer " Hou Xiaoxian won the award for Best Director .
"The son of Saul" Hungarian director Laszlo Nemes debutant, awarded the Grand Prix, had a good chance to go home with the "Palme d'Or" at Cannes but do not like to give the main prize beginners. The drama about the Holocaust, telling about two days in the life of Saul, the prisoner of the Auschwitz Sonderkommando, burning corpses and tried to pull out of the fire the boy's body, which he took for his son - do not leave anyone indifferent member of the jury. Xavier Dolan said that the jury came out of the hall in silence, and for a long time no one dared to break the silence, being impressed by what he saw.
The third -largest Cannes award - Jury Prize - left most unusual and extravagant picture of the contest - love dystopian " Lobster " Greek director Yorgos Lantimosa . " Lobster " - a metaphorical illustration of a future in which love becomes service. Every citizen is obliged to find your soul mate and create a unit of society . Singletons are sent in summary - an eerie place called " hotel " where they should fall within 45 days.
If not , accidents turn into animals and produce to the Forest ... The main roles are played by Hollywood star Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz . " Lobster " - irrational phantasmagoric projection of our present management , when love has long become a social necessity to marry , regardless of the presence of desire and sincere feelings.
The prize for best script flew to the United States in the hands of the Mexican Michel Franco , writing and drama snyavshego "Chronicles" with Tim Roth in the lead role . Best actor Vincent Lindon jury recognized for his work in another French social drama "The law of the market" as " dip " affecting literary archetype of the "little man." " Golden Camera " for the best debut went to the Colombian film "Earth and Shadow" Cesar Acevedo from the parallel competition " Week of criticism" .

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