Jennifer Lopez was born in a family of immigrants from Puerto Rico to the Bronx area of ​​New York, where ethnic minorities live and where , consequently, high unemployment and crime. Has two sisters. His mother worked as a teacher in kindergarten and care of the girls , and my father was a businessman , even though the nature of this business is not mentioned anywhere .


Jennifer ’12 studied in a Catholic school for girls – and in the case of religious education was immediately forgotten as soon as the door closed behind the school , in childhood girl more fond of singing and dancing than boring the rest of her school subjects. Her favorite actress since childhood remains Latina Rita Moreno, singer one of the main female roles in the film ” West Side Story .”

His acting career began in 1991 Jennifer television role of a dancer in the television series “In living color”. On television she got through patronage Latin actress – Rosie Perez. In the movie, Jennifer made her debut in 1995 the role of lone mothers in the Mexican film “My family.” Then there was a purely decorative role next to Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelsonom in the movie “Train with money” (1995). And the first big success came thanks to her starring in the film “Selena” (1997), which perepovidala true story of American-Mexican singer Selena, shot by her own fans in 1995. Since then, the actress is working without respite.


Jennifer ran away from a giant reptile in the jungle in the film “Anaconda ” was a teacher in the film by Francis Coppola’s “Jack” . However, she starred Jack Nicholson in the film directed by Bob Rafelsona “Blood and Wine” , you can see the Oliver Stone film “Turn “. Later were filming the famous director Steven Soderbergh ” out of sight ” with Jennifer in the main female role.

This erotic thriller , the main actor in which man takes sex symbol of Hollywood actor George Clooney. Over the years the actress has made a staggering career. If the role in ” Selena ” she received a million dollars, for her role in Soderbergh its agents have demanded five million , but finally managed to negotiate “only” two.

In the early 2000s Jennifer actively starred in films released new singles and albums («J.Lo», single «Love Do not Cost A Thing» «This Is Me … Than»), making it very popular in the world and authoritative in American show business. Many singles led by well-known American and British music charts. Repeatedly Jennifer Lopez received the award as the leading Latin American singer and actress.

Performance of the singer in the musical TV show American Idol has become a sensation and the Internet exploded. And all thanks to an unusual dress, which pop diva appeared on the scene.

This time Lopez has chosen not small. The snow-white dress with a long skirt (about 6 meters!) Was an effect in itself, but it does not surprise the audience the beauty and the fact that it was broadcast video projections.

While Jennifer Lopez sang his new song Feel The Light of the animated film “Home” on her dress and then there were shots from the film, creating a truly incredible experience.

“We have a long nurtured the idea – said the designer dresses Mariel Jaen in an interview with the American portal Hollywood Life.

Attempt № 4. Jennifer Lopez again gathered under the crown

– We have been discussing the possibility of turning into a kind of canvas outfit to add a dress stills . I’ve never seen this before! “

Frankly, we are too! Magic dress Lopez turned into a real fairy princess and the hosts of the show said that to continue broadcasting after this will be difficult.

By the way , Jennifer is a judge of the project and are usually estimated number of other participants , and does not act by itself.

ennifer Lopez American actress and singer.


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