Earth future – secret film project Disney. Dysneevskyy mysterious film of the year – “Land of the Future” will appear on screens this month. Until now, the official plot of the film is known only in general terms and only Promotional materials and excerpts from interviews allow creators to shed light on detali.Holovna heroine of “Future Earth” – teenager Casey, daughter engineers NASA, who lost his job due to clotting space program. She finds herself in a strange token touching to which it is in a different reality. Since then, Casey tries to solve the mystery artifact that leads her to Frank – inventor, who has long retire in unattractive house in the suburbs.


He drove the girl away, while both of them begins to be in danger . Then Frank and acknowledged that access has long been a parallel world – the so -called Earth of the future where technology and society have gone far in the development of our world. But the ruler of the Earth’s future , David Nix has his views on the development of civilization, threatening both worlds . Casey turns selected rebels against Nyksa – she and Frank must at all costs save our world and the future of the Earth .


Multimillion-dollar blockbuster “Land of the Future” was not without starring celebrities. Yes, Frank played by George Clooney and ruler parallel world – “House” Hugh Laurie. The role went to Casey Britt Robertson, known for the series “Under the Dome”.

One of the intermediate film ideas – that our world is mired in conflicts and violence. Yes, the hero of Clooney keeps track of bad news, including pictures can be seen euromaidan. In contrast to our world – the Earth of the future of this world, and the idea of ​​design which borrowed more in Walt Disney: under this name exists in the American Disneyland attraction, which is a fantastic country, but with a futuristic design.

“Land of the Future” – a new work directed by Brad Bird , known as the creator of animation ” Ratatouille “, ” The Incredibles ” and the last series ” Mission Impossible .”

Released ” Future Earth ” in the Ukrainian film distribution – 21 May 2015.



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