Selena Gomez is a very talented singer who was born in July 22, 1992 in Texas. Her Parents are Amanda Dawn and Ricardo Joel Gomez. Her father has a Mexican ancestry while her mother has an Italian ancestry. The young lady has received much attention from many fans and her popularity continues to grow especially due to her relationship with the well known male singer Justin Bieber who also enjoys much admiration from most teenagers. The two singers have participated in most concerts among different continents. However, as a child, Gomez did not receive much attention and has even reported to have been a victim of bullying. Her parents were also divorced but her mother later married another man by the name Brian Teefy. Gomez has a half sister by the name Gracie Elliot who was born recently in June 2013.

The 21 year old Selena Gomez appeared in Barney & Friends as a character known as Gianna between the year 2002 and 2004. She also participated in films like Spy Kids and Game Over which also played a role in sparking her popularity. She also appeared as a guest star in Hannah Montana and has been a very active member in the field or industry of Arts and filming. She played an outstanding starring role in the television series Wizards of Waverly Place. Some of the other films that she has also participated in include; Monte Carlo, Behaving Badly, The Muppets, Hotel Transylvania, Getaway and Aftershock.


Selena Gomez has made a wide range of music which is available from many internet sites. She has sold albums and DVDs that contain her music are also available from various stores at different prices. YouTube and Dailymotion are sites that you can listen to her music from. Some other sites also allow you to download and save her music. From iTunes, one can also purchase her music. Some of the songs that Selena Gomez has sang include:

  • A Year Without Rain
  • Who Says
  • Do You Feel It
  • All At Once
  • Round and Round
  • One and the Same

Most of her music also comes with a video. Her music has often been on the charts and MTV often shows these videos.


In September 2009, Selena Gomez was appointed as an UNICEF Ambassador in the United States. She has traveled to Ghana and participated in projects that affect the lives of the children there. Among the issues that she has helped to address are; provision of clean water and food, medical care and education. Selena Gomez also has an official website where her fans or any other interested people can view any relevant information about her. From this website, you can also view a list of her upcoming concerts, news about her music, fashion and tours. The site is very organized and also gives a people a chance to participate or get involved in UNICEF projects. If you’re looking for Selena Gomez posters – click here!

Selena Gomez may be regarded as a talented hardworking beautiful and humble singer and actor who holds much potential to even grow further and act as a role model to the younger generation.

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