Sara Jean Underwood

Termed as one of the best American actresses and models, Sara Jean Underwood has successfully risen ranks from an ordinary woman to one of the richest and most renowned models in the world. She become an important inclusion into the Playboy Magazine, especially in July 2006 when she was named the playmate of the month.

In 2007, she later rose to the playmate of the year, but her personality too will be undermined without mentioning that she has featured in the list of people behind the driving wheel of Attack of the show. Though she has attended prestigious schools, her beginning can be traced to simple grounds, beginning from high school.

Education background

Portland, Oregon, is Underwood’s place of birth, a yoga enthusiast who graduated form Scappoose High School in the year 2002. Her post-secondary education can be followed to Portland and Oregon state Universities, where she schooled alongside Derek Anderson, the famous American footballer before she could establish herself as a celebrity.

The career ladder

She first worked as a sales person in a chain of stores, but her first modeling job started in 2005 when she appeared in the Playboy Magazine. Significantly, she was featured on the cover page where she was in possession of a football and clad.

A mini copper convertible was added to the list of her prizes in 2007, after she won her title as the playmate of the year. Though she was not so proud of it, it is at least recorded that she the first person to be awarded Miss July title.

In 2008, she was again featured in the list of the hottest celebrities by Playboy Magazine.

Television and film work

She remains an icon in most of the television programs that she has steered, leave alone the exemplary performance that she does in the movies where she is featured. In the film Epic Movie for instance, she acted as a pirate wrench alongside other popular actors. In comedy, she added her name through HouseBunny where she acted as a playmate. She has too worked for Black belt TV cable network where she served as a continuity announcer.

Outside modeling, Underwood has a s well engaged actively in exciting events and programs. She took part in a competition called the Women of Ninja Warrior, which took place in Japan. She won the first heat, after beating three Japanese contestants who had more background knowledge in the competition.

Having played a few charity poker tournaments, the lady has always always left an impact in whatever event that she puts her commitment to. Despite her great credit worthiness, fans always expect more from her because of the potential that she expresses.

Her social life has not been much into the public, but at some point she had an off-gain on-gain relationship with another popular television exponent,Ryan Seacrest. Her future still looks appealing, because she has never run short of ideas in any of the jobs, events and competitions that she takes part in. Be if for her beauty or her success in the activities that she has ventured into, Sarah Jean Underwood is a role model to many. Look at this Sara Jean Underwood poster, order your masterpiece now!

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