With more than 70 million records world wide, Robbie Williams is ranked as one of the top selling music artists in the world. On top of that a DVD known as ‘Robbie Williams Live at the Albert Hall’ released in 2003 has also become one of the best selling music DVDs, certified 6x Platinum in the UK and 2x Platinum in Germany.

Born in February 1974 in Stoke-on-Trent , Robert Peter “Robbie” Williams is an English singer-songwriter who became well known as a a member of the boy band Take That. He was just 3 when his parents divorced and he and his sister Sally were raised by his mother. It was his singing and acting abilities that were noticed by his mother and it was this talent which prompted her to get an audition for him in a boy band after seeing an advertisement in a newspaper.

Robbie Turns His Back on his Boy Band

The extrovert 16 year old Robbie Williams joined Take That in 1990 and was part of the bands tremendous success over the next five years. Most of the band’s material was performed by Gary Barlow, but Williams had some lead vocals with hits like ‘I found Heaven’ and ‘Everything Changes’. Unable to handle the restrictive rules within the group, he started turning to alcohol and cocaine, and disagreements within the group as well as with management led to him quitting the group for the first time.

Robbie Goes Solo

His near drug overdose in 1995 on the night before the group’s performance at the MTV Europe Music Awards, along with continuously missing band’s rehearsals were just a contributory factor to his leaving the group again. Dissatisfaction and the wish to make a go of a music career on his own, he quit for the second time after being with the band for only one year and even after their sellout European tour. Own the Robbie Williams poster now!

After leaving the band for the second time, Robbie Williams would often be seen partying with members of Oasis as well as George Michael. His plans to go solo were put on hold because of a clause in his Take That contract which banned him from releasing material until the band was properly dissolved. It was only after a number of legal battles over his right to a solo career, that he was actually released from his BMG contract, and in 1996 he signed with Chrysalis Records. He launched his solo career with the covering of George Michael’s ‘Freedom’ which reached number 2 in the UK Singles chart.

Extraordinary Ticket Sales win Robbie Williams a A Place in the Guinness World Book of Records

With an extremely illustrious music career behind him, Robbie Williams has won many awards throughout his solo career, and has even broken a world record by selling more than 1.6 million concert tickets for his 2006 world tour; and all on one day! These amazing ticket sales earned him a spot in the 2007 Guinness World Book of Records.

Robbie Williams in 2013

Robbie Williams married Ayda Field in August 2010, and the couple have since had a baby daughter Theodora Rose. Williams, now 39, is still as active as ever in the music industry, with his Take the Crown Stadium Tour 2013 kicking off in Dublin in June. A live album will be available, a treasure for devoted fans who have sat and listened to this songs and watched his awesome stunts. Robbie Williams is still alive and well and has been quoted as saying “I’m really, really enjoying myself, I seem to have a lot of purpose in my life. I’m enjoying what I’m doing, you know, and people are liking it. So, it’s great, you know”. There is no doubt that this multi talented artist is still making a massive impact on music as well as on his adoring fans.

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