Elizabeth “Lizzy” Woolridge Grant started young when she was just 18. Popularly known as Lana Del Rey, she signed her first contract when she was 22 with the 5 Points Records back in 2007. Later on she bought herself out of this contract though the success she achieved with Lana Del Ray a.k.a. Lizzy Grant, which was an album she released through that studio in 2010.

She finally reached major success after she published her debut single entitled Video Games on June 2011. She had posted it on YouTube and it then came to reach 20 million views. On January 2012 she then used this momentum to launch her second studio album which she called Born to Die. It sold around 3.6 million copies worldwide and she was able to be nominated for many prizes across many musical institutions such as MTV, Brits and others.


Ever since 2011 Lana Del Rey has enjoyed quiet a lot of success by being nominated to various types of prizes. In 2011 to Q Awards which she won. In 2012 she won the Brit Awards, Ivor Novello Awards, MTV Europe Music Awards and the UK Music Video Awards, besides being nominated to many other prizes.

In 2013, although up to now she’s been nominated to only 3 categories, she’s managed to win them all, which are: Brit Awards and 2 in ECHO Awards.


It’s very clear that Lana’s career is on its prime. Just 27 years old, she still has many more possibilities. Also, given the fact that she is involved in the alternative, hip hop and pop music genres, she’s able to create a broad repertoire on diverse musical contexts.
With a more diverse and assertive approach to music, Lana has also been able to draw the line by bringing futuristic songs which are tuned to the next trends in the musical industry. This is shown in her capacity to be very successful through the iTunes store, by creating hits that really attract the buying public.

Model Career

Besides being a very famous singer and song writer, Lana carries a double life by being a musician and model at the same time.

In her modeling career she’s posed with Del Rey car in the 2012 Paris Motor Show and can always perform similar events. Although its not her forte and she’s usually mostly touring world wide promoting her most recent hits.

It seems maybe mostly that Lana’s modeling career came mostly as a hobby, and as the fulfillment of a girl’s dream. However, it’s most certain that it is not something done out of needing cash. Her millions of albums sold world wide have already branded Lana as a top musician with global class. New posters have arrived! Check them now!

In 2013 Lana is engaged in the Paradise Tour, touring European countries during the mid of the year. This event enjoys the heat of the summer and the spring break, allowing her to expose more of her successful hits around these countries and through the Internet, around the world as she has always done. She might launch many of these live shows on YouTube also.

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