Elvis Presley was a renowned American actor, singer and musician. He is one of the most influential and best-selling artists in the history of music. Presley is also known for his great looks, and he is normally recognized as a sex symbol of all time.

It does not matter whether a person was born well after Presley died, or whether he was one of his greatest fans, screaming and standing in the front row. The fame which surrounds Presley is immense and hasn’t and will never die down.

Presley is famous as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Throughout the many years on the stage, Presley released twelve famous albums and left incredible history in the world of music
From a country-side boy, Elvis became the idol of countless number of young girls during his great time. Elvis Presley was born on 8.1.1935 to the Presley family in Mississippi. Due to extreme poverty, Presley relocated to Memphis with his parents when he was 13 years old.

In Memphis, he graduated from the Humes High School and then later on found his first job working as an usher at a theatre.

Presley discovered his talent and interest in music when his parents brought him a guitar. His pastor and uncle gave him basic instructions on guitar and he built a passion in blues.

Earlier, Elvis attended church sessions where he was taught how to sing. One day, Presley went to a recording shop in order to record a birthday present for his mother named Gladys. While in the studio his talents caught the eye of the owner of Sun Records named Sam Philips, and he then signed a 3 year contract with the recording company.

Within his first week, the company sold more than 7000 copies of Presley’s first record, known as “That’s Alright Mama” and from that moment, he started his journey as a rock n roll star and appeared regularly on stages. In the year 1955, Colonel Parker bought Elvis’ contract from Sun Records for $35,000.

Elvis Presley’s achievements included 3 Grammy Awards and he also appeared in more than 30 films which were estimated to have earned him more than $4.5 million throughout his colorful career life. He sold two million copies of his 12 albums and was declared the “multiplatinum album sales performer”.

Presley was a perfectionist and produced the hit “Hound Dog” thirty three times before he was satisfied. He progressively developed the urge to perform on stages.
Despite his great career as a rock singer, Presley also served in the U.S military and was the Deputy Sheriff of Shelby County when he was in Tennessee. Become a real Elvis fan – order a poster now.

Part of the fame of Elvis derives from his death. Although this sounds terrible, the way in which Presley died and the various conspiracy theories which surrounded his death led to a huge interest in the great singer who has transcended through many generations.

Elvis Presley was found dead in his own mansion due to severe cardiovascular disease at the age of 42. He left behind Priscilla Presley, his wife and Lisa Marie the daughter.

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