Candy Dulfer is a dazzling Alto saxophonist who emanates from a family which is deeply rooted in Dutch jazz scene. Talent seems to reign in her blood, because she is a daughter to one of the most applauded tenor saxophonists in the world.

Despite her informed background, however, Candy Dulfer was given meaning by Prince, who featured her in the in the video Partyman, thereby introducing her to a world of celebrities. The father, however, has played an important role in fer life, having introduced Candy to the experience on stage, at a very early age besides committing her to listen to, and learn from the amazing pieces of Coleman Hawkins and Sonny Rollins.

Her Early life

Born to the famous Saxophonist Hans Dulfer in 1969, Candy started drum beating while she was five years, but through the father’s influence she shifted to the soprano saxophone at the age of six. She again shifted to the alto saxophone a year later, and within a short while she was playing it for a local concert band.

It did not take long before she started an individual band, Funky Stuff, which was then called in to back Madonna in a European tour.

Her success in Europe

Candy has been greatly marketed by Saxuality, one of her debuts which came into the limelight in 1990. It was a simple and straightforward jazz albums, but the incorporation of funky sax styling makes it outstanding. Most of the radio stations that play smooth jazz in the U.S have preferred it as a contemporary form of jazz, and indeed it has served well most of the fans.

She has also drawn much of her liking from the 1991 album sax-a go-go which includes one of the songs done by prince, Sunday Afternoon.

Candy’s influence

Besides Prince and her father, who gave her exposure, Candy also draws her efforts from the J.B’s as well as David Sanborn. She may not have cultivated much of a niche that personalities like Sanborn enjoy, but still her future seems promising. The lady is working all her fortunes into pop, blues and R&B music, using her creative and unique ways.

Some of the classic releases she enjoys include Right in my soul, but it is so interesting that she collaborated with her father in 2001 and the result was an album called DulferDulfer. She has also appeared in modern jazz charts, especially in Billboards top contemporary charts where she became 2nd courtesy of her ninth album CandyStore which was released in 2007.

Her training

Candy is a great self,taught musicians, though she attended a handful of music lessons for some months, alongside the usual trainings in concert bands.

She has an individual television program in which she runs a series called CandyMeets… She doubles as the interviewer and presenter, and through the program she has met a lot more celebrities in the world of music.

This celebrated figure certainly has all the background backing, energy and resources to give more interesting content to the fans. When she looks ahead, success stares back into her eyes, thanks the effort with which she works. Order high-quality Candy Dulfer poster now!

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