Dakota Fanning

One of the brightest young stars of Hollywood is the dynamic Dakota Fanning. With starring roles in the blockbuster trilogy “Breaking Dawn” as well as in a slew of other groundbreaking movies, the young actress Dakota Fanning has already risen to the top of the Hollywood cream and has now become a household name. With her incredible performances and charm this incredibly young actress has proven that she has the acting skills and personality to become a star and, with the rest of her career before her, we can’t wait to see how high she will fly in the cutthroat world of Hollywood.

In order to truly appreciate the power and personality of this surprisingly young actress and how far her career has taken her, we need to consider her early beginnings. It was from this past, unassuming or not, that Dakota Fanning no doubt received much of her drive and ambitions. Even the tiniest of peeks at her past can hopefully reveal to us what makes this dynamic actress tick.

A Spirited Beginning

Dakota Fanning was born in 1994 and it was soon obvious to her parents and everyone around her that she was destined for acting. She loved playing pretend and often pretended to be a mother, using a blanket and her little sister to complete the ensemble. She was a member of the Towne Lake Arts Center, an organization that put on weekly plays, at a very young age and the adults of the Center noted her acting skill.

The organizers suggested to Dakota’s parents that they take her to an acting agency in Los Angeles and, after six weeks of waiting, Dakota got her first break starring in a “Tide” commercial. From there she starred in several low budget films until she got her true big break in the beloved movie “I Am Sam.” This incredible movie catapulted her into the limelight and got a Screen Actors Guild nomination at the age of 7 making her the youngest nominee in history.


From the humble beginnings of “I Am Sam” the career of Dakota Fanning has taken off into the stratosphere. She has starred in such movies as “Man on Fire”, “Hide and Seek” and the blockbuster film “War of the Worlds.” More recently she starred in the cult favorite film “Coraline” by Henry Selick.

Into the Future

While she has recently been less active due to the fact that she’s taking classes, it’s anyone’s guess as to how far she’ll go once she graduates. This young girl has attained Hollywood heights that actors and actresses with decades of experience cannot match. It will be incredible to see where her career takes her and we hope that you’ll be right there with us to see what all this dynamic young woman can do.

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Dakota Fanning

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