Elton John

It would be difficult to find anyone who appreciates music who doesn’t have a strong opinion on Elton John. In most cases, that opinion will be positive. Elton was one of the most powerful voices of his generation, and he has created a legacy as a musician that will last for many years to come. Elton John has a very rich career, and you should consider buying a poster to celebrate the massive impact he has had on modern rock music.

His signature is no doubt the piano. While Elton John is a multi-talented musician who can play many different kinds of instruments, he seems to prefer tickling the ivories over doing anything else. His skill with the piano can be heard in his many hits, and he has more hits than most other musicians who have ever lived. Good luck finding anybody who doesn’t know some of his biggest hits.

“Rocket Man”, “Bennie and the Jets”, “Tiny Dancer”, “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”…All these songs and more have entered the public consciousness as proof of Elton John’s broad appeal and talent for writing both catchy hooks and biting lyrics. His talent has been affirmed by the fact that his songs have been covered by many different artists.

Many of the artists from Elton John’s era have slowed down in their old age. Some of them no longer even write music or perform. Compared to them, Elton John hasn’t even slowed down. He still has a brisk touring schedule. In addition to his touring, he is involved in many other personal projects.

Elton John can be found on TV quite often, often as a guest, but also talking about his own projects and music. He has done soundtracks and stand-alone songs for television shows, movies, and special charity events. It is common to see Elton John associated with social organizing, and he is one of the most politically active artists of his generation.

Elton John’s association with the gay community meant that he suffered from abuse and ridicule early in his career. Now though, very few people judge him exclusively by his sexuality. Like many other gay artists, he has reached a position where very few former critics will dare to make the claims they once did in less open-minded times. His activism is not only political however; he is also involved in many different charities, where he plays music to help fund disaster areas and medical research.

Here at idPoster, we have many Elton John posters. You will probably want more than one. After all, you are talking about the one of the most successful male solo artists of all time. At this time, he has sold nearly a quarter-of-a-billion records. He has also been recognized in many different ways. He has been inducted into the Rock & Roll hall of fame, and has also been recognized with knighthood in the United Kingdom. Additionally, his career has earned him a small pile of Academy Awards, Grammys, and other important honors.

Elton John

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