Harrison Ford

With the rumors that Harrison Ford might be called upon to reprise him famous role as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars movies, all eyes are once again on this superstar of the silver screen. His portrayals of Indiana Jones and Han Solo have helped make these characters household names and, despite his age, he still seems to have the drive and charisma that helped to catapult him to the heights of Hollywood.

Any look at his rich and varied movie career needs to start at the beginning. From what Harrison Ford faced and overcame helps to give an idea of why his career has been so incredible. A simple look at his past can give us quite a glimpse into what makes him the man his today.

Early Life

Born in 1942, Harrison Ford’s early life did not hint at all at the fame and fortune that would be his later in life. Harrison Ford was a poor student with a C average in class and was considered a very shy and quiet young man. When Ford did get to Hollywood, he was at the bottom of the hiring list after insulting a famous producer. It wasn’t until the film “A Time for Killing” that his name was even mentioned on the cast list. He moved on to Universal Studios and acted in a quite a few low-ranked movies as a minor part.

Being quite disappointed with the selection of roles offered to him, he decided to stop being an actor. Harrison Ford then became a self-taught professional carpenter which opened quite a few doors for him. He became a stagehand for the famous band “The Doors” and it was when he was hired to build cabinets for a certain director by the name of George Lucas that his movie career really took off.

American Graffiti

This film, which was created in 1973, told the life of disaffected youth after WWII. The story revolves a gang of friends on the cusp of their future, wondering what to do with their lives. The film was an incredible success both with movie watchers and critics. The Library of Congress actually added the film to their National Film registry as they deemed it an important part of American culture.

Harrison Ford’s role as Bob Falfa proved to George Lucas and Hollywood that he had the skills for acting. From there his career really began taking off. As an added note of interest, just as he had gotten a role by installing cabinets for George Lucas, he also got several acting roles from Francis Ford Coppola after he hired Harrison to expand his office.

Star Wars

What many people don’t know is that Harrison Ford’s iconic role as Han Solo almost never came to be. George Lucas had actually only hired Harrison Ford to help other actors with their lines. After a time George Lucas finally was won over, and the iconic Han Solo came to be played by the quiet and unassuming Harrison Ford and the rest, as they say, is history.

Get a Harrison Ford Poster

Not only is Harrison Ford a megastar with his name on the Hollywood walk of fame, He is also a known philanthropist, teenage heartthrob and a strong ecological supporter. No movie poster collection can be complete without his chiseled jaw and smiling face and, to that end, we have a great selection of movie posters of the great, and ever more popular Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford

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