If you’d like a poster of one of the most famous shows on T.V., we have many options for you. Try going anywhere, and it will be hard to find someone who isn’t a fan of Family Guy. This irreverent comedy has become recognized all over the world for its zany characters, bizarre situations, and catchy random musical numbers. The show has made a celebrity of its creator/voice action Seth McFarlane, and continues to break ground with new experiments in comedy on a yearly basis.


Family Guy started in 1999, with a clear relationship to the changing values that were defining the new millennium. The show caught on in only the first season, smashing several records for viewership, and carrying a strong fan base into all following seasons.


The show is very popular for many reasons, but most people would probably agree it is the characters that give it most of its power. The show focuses on a caricature of the typical American Family. Through the father and mother, sons and daughter, and the family dog, the show explores everything from pop culture to the dynamics of family life. It often does this in a way that is guaranteed to offend at least one person, but that is probably why the show has remained popular for so long. People respect the fact that the creators understand which lines need to be crossed to create consistently entertaining television.


The main draw is often Stewie Griffen, the scheming and hyper-intelligent toddler. Stewie can often be found hatching plots to kill his mother, or otherwise gain power over the people around him. He also has a developing relationship with the family dog, Brian, which is deceptively complex for the usually-silly show. The other characters certainly deserve some credit for the success of the show. Even infrequent side characters such as the Mayor Adam West (actually voiced by the actor Adam West), and the “creepy old man” have their own legions of fans.


Many television experts are already convinced that Family Guy will leave a mark on Television for years to come. There is certainly plenty of evidence that the show has already written its entry in the history books. It has inspired two popular spin-offs, several movies, and half a dozen critical awards. Even after 11 seasons, it doesn’t look like Family Guy is going anywhere. They show will likely be delivering both comedy and controversy many years from now.


There are many reasons to consider investing in a Family Guy poster. For one, you are guaranteed to have something that anybody can recognize. A poster makes a great conversation piece, and there isn’t anyone who doesn’t have a favorite scene from Family Guy that they like to remember. It’s a great way to find common ground with new people you meet, and the poster looks just as good in a bedroom as it does in a dorm room. There are plenty of posters to choose from featuring many of the different characters on the show.

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