Several decades ago, it would be hard to imagine that a show like Dexter could exist, even less be a contender for one of the best shows on television. It took a lot of work on the part of both the creator and the Showtime network to bring about a show where a sadistic serial killer was not only the main character—but also the good guy. The subject matter of the show, as well as the talented execution (no pun intended) have secured Dexter’s place in television history.

There are many other specific reasons that the show is popular. The story lines are very powerful, and the twists and cliffhangers are enough to keep anyone on edge. Fans of the show also frequently praise the strong characters. The interactions between Dexter and the people he interacts with in each episode are a constant source of creepy drama. Despite the dark subject matter, Dexter is also recognized as a great comedy by those who can find the absurdity in even the darkest subject matter.

Many people have also been stunned by the way the show depicts the realities of mental illness. It is a chilling thing to be convinced to empathize with a character who doesn’t actually feel empathy, and most shows would not be able to pull it off as flawlessly as this one does. In many ways, the show is itself a biting criticism of human morality and how we define such important concepts as good and evil. The show also examines the role of law and law enforcement, and touchy subjects like justice and revenge.

While the show has limited viewership because of its place on a premium cable channel, it is no stranger to critical success. Many critics who dismissed the show when it first came out embraced it when the show began to find its footing. This recognition has culminated in dozens of different awards from some of the most prestigious organizations in New York and Hollywood. Dexter has collected awards from the Emmys, the Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Writers Guild.

The critical success of the show came as no surprise to the people who watched it from the very beginning. Even when the plots were confusing and the backstory had yet to be established, the show still possessed something that most shows on television lacked. Dexter was always breathtakingly original, and the fearless way the writers confronted the darker side of society in each episode has turned many watchers into rabidly-loyal fans.

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