Usain Bolt

Many poster collectors like to focus on sports personalities. These collections might include major sportsmen, teams and figures from history. It’s easy to look back on the past and think of how much better it is than now. However, there are some cases where the present has the advantage over the past. In the case of Usain Bolt, the best of the best is alive today. That’s why you should consider adding a Usain Bolt poster to your collection.

Usain Bolt holds a distinct honor among Olympic athletes. He is not only the fastest runner in the Olympics, many historians and experts believe that he may be the fastest person who ever lived. He is certainly the fastest person who has lived since the invention of modern timing.

There are many Olympic athletes that came from privileged backgrounds, who were allowed to train with world-renowned coaches before they were even past their 10th birthday. Usain Bolt didn’t have those advantages on his trip to the top, he came from humble beginnings, and that is part of what makes his story so inspiring.

Humble Beginnings

Even Bolt didn’t realize that his future would contain sprinting when he was a young boy. He did know that he had a deep appreciation for sports. His favorite sport was actually cricket, and he played it for many years, all the way up to the point that he entered high school. It was actually his high school cricket coach who encouraged Bolt to take track and field more seriously.

Bolt was fortunate enough to meet a former Olympic athlete through the track and field program. Through coaching, he was able to improve on his already substantial talents. Bolt won many high school championship races and quickly moved on to Caribbean island and then global events. He was still a kid when the former prime minister of Jamaica spotted his talent and convinced him to move to the capital to train with professionals.

Speedy Success

Bolt was already successful before he began taking his training seriously, but dedicating himself to his craft allowed him to take his place among the most successful athletes in the world. He wiped out the world record for junior sprinters even before he was allowed to compete in adult events. He was already a rising start when he entered the Olympics for the first time, but there was still much more success ahead of him.

Usain Bolt has only completed in two different Olympic Games so far. In both the Beijing and the London games, he has taken the gold medal for every sprinting event. He has broken multiple world Olympic records, and secured his place as the fastest person in recorded history. He hasn’t even turned 30 yet.

A Usain Bolt Poster is not only a great way to honor a great athlete; it’s also a piece of history that is still being made. No one has any doubt that Usain has a lot more to show the world in the coming years.

Usain Bolt

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